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Explore exclusive Embroideries & African Laces for the world wide fashion markets.

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HeDee creates eye-catching African Laces and is always looking for something special & unique.

Our latest creations are embroidered Net Laces in highest Austrian quality for couture styles.

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True Afropolitan Luxuries:

Delicate fabrics in a variety of designs

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HeDeeā€™s signature

is like a seal of
quality and excellence
on each piece of
Majestic Fine Fabrics

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Indulge the wide range of HeDee Majestic Fine Fabrics. These designs show floral patterns, embellished with shimmering lurex and Swarovski crystals.

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A piece of the past

HeDee is launched as a tribute to Hedy, the founder's daughter and to the unique relationship she shared with her customers.

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HeDee supports great in-store presentations!

Showing awesome Colour Combinations of matching majestic fabrics is a key aspect of HeDee's identity.

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A constant flow of new designs:

smartly engineered embroidery designs together with bold innovative combinations of colours: that's what makes a HeDee Design a HeDee Design!
It is our dedicated aim to create the world of HeDee together with our partners, through continuous support and a constant flow of new designs.

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